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Should you restrict carbohydrates before exercise?

by K.N.* Contemplating about pre-fueling methods? Is this you? Are you into recreational sports, with some aspiring goals to do well in local endurance events? Do you often restrict carbohydrates, getting long sessions in, hydrating when- ever you remember, or following a plan? Do you see something familiar here? Well, a few of the things […]

The Importance of the day-off.

When it comes to training for improvement there exists the notion that more is better, and by adding training sessions in your week, this will bring forward the desired physiological adaptation. There is validity to this, when it comes to endurance sports, however it is worth looking into it with a bit of scrutiny. It […]

Fitness and training in covid-19 times

By K.N.* We are experiencing brand new developments in our era all over the world. The declaration by WHO for the COVID-19 pandemic cannot leave you indifferent. In a hierarchy of actions ahead people are evaluating their situation making necessary adjustments aligning with government’s directions. Additionally following the directions from experts in reference to COVID-19 […]

The intensity disciplined athlete. by K.N.*

In competitive but also in recreational sports, the parameters used for the successful recipe are duration, frequency, intensity, volume namely reps and sets. Mix the above in the right balance for your case and success is imminent, ensuring that you do end up reaching your destination. Throughout my career I have witnessed that the athletes […]