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Unique ready-made training plans for triathletes, runners, swimmers, and people who want to improve their general fitness. These carefully designed plans, take in to consideration your Health and your Performance. The sporting history and Academic background of Strength & Endurance Coach Kypros Nicolaou, MA, B.Sc., creates a trustworthy method that is transferred effectively in to the training and fitness ideas presented in the available plans bellow:

“My guidance and methodology helps people on a global scale achieve a better
performance, feel better, move better, and improve their quality of life… “

“My guidance and methodology helps people on a global scale achieve a better
performance, feel better, move better, and improve their quality of life… “


Kypros is a very well educated coach, excellent in his field!!!! Highly recommended to trust your training to him !!!

Panayiotis Kyriakou

Accountant, Marathon finisher

Thorough and methodical with a long term view of the athletes development

Orestis Savva

Triathlete, Engineer

"The man on the top of the mountain didn't fall there." The success in achieving your personal goals in life doesn't happen by accident. It's about planning, organizing, preparing yourself every single day to win and thrive. When you are aiming the top of the world, you only need the best in your team. Kypros was the man behind the scenes in charge for my performance before, during and after the big challenge. Following his professional instructions as an ergophysiologist, his valuable tips as a coach, his inspiring attitude as a human being, I managed to train body and spirit for the upcoming adventure of my lifetime. Together, wemadeitto the top.

George Andreou

1st Cypriot to summit Mtn Everest

Coach KyprosNicolaou that got me ready in 7 months to enjoy my 1st Iron Man at Kalmar Sweden with his amazing, ever changing, and hard to fit in my 7 to 6 daily work schedule, program, had also supporters on the course rooting for me (They Sent this photo). 🙂 The crowds at Kalmar make the experience even more incredible. Thank you for all Kypro, let's start thinking for the next one !

Sotos Lamnisos

Architect, Ironman Triathlon finisher


With over 25 years of combined racing & coaching experience, Kypros Nicolaou, MA, B.Sc., helps recreational & National level athletes worldwide achieve their goals. The athletes he coaches, (athletes testimonials) feel safe and have peace of mind knowing that his work ethic, force him to deliver up to date advice, through continuing non- stop education. Armed with Certifications coming from the famous ACSM, as a Health & Fitness Instructor, a Level II Triathlon coaching certification from the ITU, and an ASA – Swimming Certification, the philosophy “Connecting theory with practice” is a proven and successful methodology. Kypros respects his athlete’s busy lifestyle’s, most of them having hectic schedules, and factors all those in, to present a tailor-made advice that makes sense. As a top priority he safeguards his athlete’s health, and will not sacrifice it for top performance. As a father of two, a boy and a girl, with a humble understanding about life, it’s beauty, and complexity, he is available to help you directly achieve your personal goals.

“Christos Konstantinou demonstrating core stability under turbulent environment,
a true functional training showcase.”


Welcome to RYLtoday – Unique Triathlon, & Running training plans, workout videos, & Personal Coaching, for Recreational & National Level athletes who want to improve health & achieve a better performance.