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Fitness and training in covid-19 times

By K.N.* We are experiencing brand new developments in our era all over the world. The declaration by WHO for the COVID-19 pandemic cannot leave you indifferent. In a hierarchy of actions ahead people are evaluating their situation making necessary adjustments aligning with government’s directions. Additionally following the directions from experts in reference to COVID-19 […]

Cognitive benefits from exercise.

Article by Costas Michaelides, MD, Consultant Neurologist The benefits of exercise both physical and mental have been proven in multiple studies over the years. There is no doubt that regular exercise can improve one’s well-being. It lowers the chance of diseases such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, stroke. It reduces anxiety and the chance of developing depression. […]

Priority “A” race, your Health.

We enter the triathlon season with enthusiasm, vigor and an over-achieving attitude, this is the conclusion for the majority of triathletes out there. Raising the bar high, selecting events, planning, pushing the workouts day In and day out, you know the story, this is what the action plan looks like. In a fast paced demanding environment that we live in, maybe […]

Sports for Performance, or Sports for Health?

By K.N.* The Running revolution as experienced by many in the 1970s proved to serve as a Health booster for many non -elite athletes. People from all demographics that were not registered in organized National athletics programs, were involved in what was once called a “movement” not a fad. Enjoying the benefits of running and [...]

The Science of Recovery

Editor's note: This is the first of a three-part article on recovery. Part one presents an overview of the importance of rest and recovery. Part two summarizes the signs and symptoms of fatigue and the challenges that undermine our attempts to quantify athletes’ recovery status. And part three introduces the first reasonable (inexpensive, valid, simple [...]


Στα επόμενα άρθρα θα «ξύσουμε» την επιφάνεια όσο αφορά ένα θέμα που παίρνει όλο και περισσότερο πρωταγωνιστικό ρόλο σε προγράμματα τόσο για αθλητές όσο και για γυμναζόμενους αναψυχής μέχρι και για το μετα-θεραπευτικό στάδιο σε τραυματισμούς οσφυϊκής περιοχής. Πολλοί προπονητές καινούργιων σχολών και η βιομηχανία της άσκησης προωθούν την προπόνηση του πυρήνα σαν ένα από [...]