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The intensity disciplined athlete. by K.N.*

In competitive but also in recreational sports, the parameters used for the successful recipe are duration, frequency, intensity, volume namely reps and sets. Mix the above in the right balance for your case and success is imminent, ensuring that you do end up reaching your destination. Throughout my career I have witnessed that the athletes […]

Sweat rates for real people. by K.N.*

The human body functions in optimum operation when in the eu-hydrated state. That been said, the loss of fluids will jeopardize sports performance, and if this escalates with further losses, health issues will arise. During long endurance sports, sweat loses occur via various avenues, with a purpose to remove the excess heat build-up, and cool […]

Running “after the bike”…

  When I first started writing this article I thought this would be interpreted literally by non –triathletes and I would get to see people running behind expensive bikes … But in this article I am referring to triathletes finishing the 3 leg of the triathlon the final push for the run. Usually reserves are […]

Running surfaces

  by K.N.* When it comes to running sooner or later we come to discover that despite all the benefits of the sport has to offer there are certain orthopedic issues that need to be addressed. One of those is the effect of a specific surface as it relates to the pounding of the body […]

Identifying your fitness training zones

In a variety of training modes either swimming, running, rowing, etc, there exists a methodology of correct practice. Looking for example an individual undergoing through a training session, that requires developing further the aerobic capacity, the need for knowing if the intensity is in the range that promotes just that, is vital to success. But [...]