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The essential Triathlon gear list

by K.N.*

There is an absolute minimum when it comes to triathlon gear needed. The sport has a very long list if you want to go to the full extent, but below we show the essentials to get you started in training for the sport of Triathlon.



  • Goggles
  • Swim cap
  • Swim suit or triathlon suit (if planning to race soon)
  • Pull buoy / paddles for training


  • Any type of bike that you currently own mtb, road, triathlon, how ever a well serviced and fully operational bike is a fast bike!
  • Getting properly fitted on your bike is also a very important task to include in this gear list , so talk to a bike mechanic/dealer/coach.
  • Helmet
  • Cycling shorts & jersey (ideal to make your life easier)
  • Learn to fix a flat with a tire kit , and carry it wit h you. (levers, tube, pump included in the small bag). It will save your life one day!
  • Sun-glasses
  • A water bottle cage and a bottle for hydration.
  • Even though not fully essential, special bike shoes & clip less pedals elevate your game and make your efficiency much better.
  • For protection and added efficiency use gloves


  • Correctly selected good quality running shoes that fit YOU!
  • Breathable clothing make your life much easier and your run much more effective, with sweat removed easier.
  • For women a sports bra is ideal.
  • A stop watch will give you clear meaning and direction about time etc in each session.
  • If entering a race a belt number is helpful.

Worth understanding that a Coach might not be in the essential list, but will save you a lot of time and give you direction, focus, meaning and get you to the finish line with less hassle.

Start slow and grow in the sport. Soon after your 6 or 12 months of graduation in the training/ racing of Triathlon you can justify an upgrade in gear.

Train smart !

*K.N. is an Exercise Physiologist, graduate of the University of Alabama, an ACSM certified Health & Fitness Instructor since 2000, he holds an ITU Level II Certification as a Triathlon Coach, and is a multiple Ironman & Half Ironman Triathlon finisher. Currently he coaches Triathletes online, teaches Functional Training at f/3dfts, and performs Exercise Physiology assessments at the Cyprus Sports & Research Center. e – kypros.nicolaou@outlook.com

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