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Swimming for Fitness

As we move on, in our 3rd, 4rth, 5th and so forth decade of our life, our human physiology undergoes through changes that we need to listen and respect. What we knew at the age of 25 has changed at the age of 35 and totally reconstructed at 45 , so our activity profile and our goal setting has been redesigned.

With the use of swimming as our modality of exercise our abilities are lengthened , but inevitably our speed decreases. That enables us to use this in all its magic, and benefit a lot from it. The ease on the joints, the low hydrostatic pressure that impacts Arterial pressure , the non weight bearing, the best combo between cardio/strength component is a few not all of the benefits associated with swimming.

Total body engaging, integrating many if not the big majority of muscle groups swimming in the pool or in an open water setting is something everybody need to try in their lifespan. One key element newcomers to swimming should take care off is their shoulders. Take small steps in each session to ensure you add meters progressively, making sure the tendons and connective tissue adapt slowly. Muscles can get stronger, but caution how soon you give them a bigger stimulus, is the key concept here.

Evidence here that swimming is an effective modality to improve – sustain – systematically build fitness, is praised and demonstrated by Dr. Costas Michaelides, a Neurologist at the American Medical Center, him been an active swimmer promoting the magic of swimming fitness. “Swimming can aid all of the human physiology systems bring fwd the upgrade we all strive for”.

Most of all do not forget EXERCISE IS A STRESS RELIEVER! LIVE BY THIS. Forget speed and performance , focus on the move!! Enter the swim, take baby steps, and keep it for life.

K.N. Exercise Physiologist / ITU Level II certified Triathlon Coach / ACSM Certified HFI, Kypros Nicolaou, MA, B.Sc.

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