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Intermediate level training for Ironman Triathlon


Product Description

This program caters for the athlete who: a) has finished an Ironman Triathlon before, and/or b) has only done at least two 1/2 Ironman triathlons with success, and will try the Ironman distance for the first time, has also completed at least 4 Olympic distance Triathlons. Approximate hours spend here in training will be anywhere from 12-17 according to the training phase. There is an assumption here that proficiency in all three disciplines exists, if one sport is lacking care must be taken to improve skill & fitness before commencing the Ironman training. In this plan there is a strong investment of time on base training as the number one priority ensuring that the athlete following this plan needs to further more basic endurance, but has some natural speed as an innate characteristic. Speed training for this Ironman distance is not a top priority, and the big majority of weeks are spend in Ironman training intensities.This training suggestion does not aim to fix, cure, or restore illnesses or diseases or other pre-existing medical conditions. In this training plan the terminology of coaching is explained and used extensively. The duration of this training plan is 18 weeks, and has a test simulation triathlon embedded. The creator of this program is Exercise Physiologist / Level II ITU Certified Triathlon Coach Kypros Nicolaou, MA, B.Sc., ( multiple Ironman Finisher himself ) and has taken into consideration as many Health & Fitness factors in before presenting this training suggestion. A doctor’s OK is a must before engaging in such a time consuming and demanding training plan.

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Duration 18 weeks
Price 49.99
Level Intermediate

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