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If you have been running but with no structure or real plan, and looking to extend your distance capabilities, then look no further than here in order to complete your 1st half marathon. The successful completion of a half marathon is described in this 12- week training plan, which ties everything together, securing your first successful half marathon finish. A methodical approach, week by week detailed guidance, and explained training sessions to get into a weekly pattern for the requirements of the event.The creator of this program is Exercise Physiologist / Level II ITU Certified Triathlon Coach Kypros Nicolaou, MA, B.Sc.,( multiple Ironman Finisher himself ) and has taken into consideration as many Health & Fitness factors in before presenting this training suggestion.This training suggestion does not aim to fix, cure, or restore illnesses or diseases or other pre-existing medical conditions. A doctor’s OK is a must before engaging in such a demanding training plan

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Duration 12 weeks
Price 14.99
Level Intermediate

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