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Core and low back strengthener – Intermediate Level training


Product Description

This training video was designed for a person who has as a goal to strengthen further the back and core muscles via a step by step approach. It is suggesting intermediate level exercises that are suitable for an individual that has been relatively active and has a basic knowledge what strength training means. With this suggestion a 30-40min workout at home with minimal equipment needed will give you a better core and back conditioning. The duration is 8 weeks and it will take you in 2 incremental levels as the week’s progress. This training suggestion is available for you to view and perform as described in the video for 8 weeks, after that, it expires, and you are encouraged to renew at the same, or next level up. The moment you purchase this plan you are able to start viewing and performing it for 8 weeks of successive training. If you follow this suggestion you will gain improvement. The policy for this product has no money back guarantee, and you are strongly advised to read the description of the video very well, and view the short teaser provided. Caution is advised by the potential buyer of this video to match the current abilities of the user with the right video to ensure success. Select the right level for you to best match your abilities with the correct video. It is ok if you are not sure about which level best suits you, to level down, rather than level up your selection to ensure proper foundations building.This training suggestion does not declare that it can fix, cure, or treat ailments, diseases, and maladies. It is a mere suggestion to try this alternative training option of an intermediate level intensity in mind. During the viewing of the exercises suggestion it is recommended to pause the video, perform the exercise, and resume to continue to the next. Not suitable for someone who has serious orthopedic issues. It is highly recommended to obtain the Dr. ok before starting this physical activity.


Section 1
Part A 1-3 WEEKS
3 WEEKS Video
The content of this lesson is locked. To unlock it, you need to Buy this Course.
The content of this lesson is locked. To unlock it, you need to Buy this Course.

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Duration 8 WEEKS
Price 14.99
Level Intermediate

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