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The essential Triathlon gear list

by K.N.* There is an absolute minimum when it comes to triathlon gear needed. The sport has a very long list if you want to go to the full extent, but below we show the essentials to get you started in training for the sport of Triathlon.   Swim Goggles Swim cap Swim suit or […]

Sports for Performance, or Sports for Health?

By K.N.* The Running revolution as experienced by many in the 1970s proved to serve as a Health booster for many non -elite athletes. People from all demographics that were not registered in organized National athletics programs, were involved in what was once called a “movement” not a fad. Enjoying the benefits of running and [...]


Nicolaou, K. D., Kozusko, J. M., & Bishop, P. A. (2001). The effect of wetsuits on swim performance. Journal of Swimming Research, 15, 20-26. This study evaluated the effect of full-body and sleeveless wetsuits on 800-m swimming performance. Female collegiate swimmers (N = 9) swam three counterbalanced randomized trials of 800 m. Velocity, distance per stroke, [...]