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Course Overview

If you have been running for a short period of time, you have progressed in the 5km distance and ready to move on to a longer distance this is a detailed suggestion how to do it. This training suggestion for a successful completion of the 10km distance, ties everything together securing your finish. A methodical approach for 10-weeks, delivered in a detailed and explained training sessions format to follow the pattern for the requirements of the 10km event. The creator of this program is Exercise Physiologist / Level II ITU Certified Triathlon Coach Kypros Nicolaou, MA, B.Sc.,( Ironman & Marathon Finisher ) and has taken into consideration as many Health & Fitness factors in before presenting this training suggestion. This training suggestion does not aim to fix, cure, or restore illnesses or diseases or other pre-existing medical conditions. It is a clear description what it will take to prepare you, if you follow correctly the guidelines. A doctor’s OK is a must before engaging in such a demanding training plan. Listen to your body’s signals, and respect them if symptoms or injuries do manifest during your preparation for the 5km. Seek professional medical advice if symptoms do not go away after 4-7 days duration. Read thoroughly the plan before commencing.


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Duration 10 weeks
Price 14.99
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