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Course Overview

If you have been running and have gotten up to a point but now want to boost performance even further for the 5km distance, this 20min finish time training suggestion, explains everything needed to secure this. Here a methodical approach and week by week detailed guidance is presented, and each training session has a specific purpose to prepare you for the time based finish. The duration of this plan is 10 weeks and it takes you through a rigorous sequence, with specific sessions that are required to get you ready for that speed. The creator of this program is *Exercise Physiologist / Level II ITU Certified Triathlon Coach Kypros Nicolaou, MA, B.Sc.,( multiple Ironman Finisher) and has taken into consideration as many Health & Fitness factors in before presenting this training suggestion. This training suggestion does not aim to fix, cure, or restore illnesses or diseases or other pre-existing medical conditions. A doctor’s OK is a must before engaging in such a training plan. Listen to your body’s signals, and respect them if symptoms or injuries do manifest during your preparation for the 5km.This is a plan designed for an experienced runner with adequate background in running. Seek professional medical advice if symptoms do not go away after 5-8 days duration. Read thoroughly the plan before commencing.

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Duration 10 weeks
Price 14.99
Level Advanced

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