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Born and raised on the beautiful Mediterranean island of Cyprus, Kypros Nicolaou entered the world of swimming at the young age of nine, and from there on everything started. Chasing his dream, after finishing his army service, he left the island to study, working his way to earn a B.Sc. degree in Sports & Fitness Management, and soon after that a Master’s degree in Exercise Physiology from the University of Alabama, in the USA.

As a mediocre swimmer right after his teens, he decided to enter the world of triathlon, and step by step, years later with disciplined training, he successfully completed multiple triathlons and road running races in the USA & Europe, including the prestigious Boston Marathon, and a few Ironman triathlons. (see Sports Bio)


At the time no other athlete on the island had attempted to race the Ironman Triathlon distance. That achievement gave inspiration to other local athletes on the island, to follow and fulfill their long distance triathlon dreams as well.

With more than 25 years of combined swimming, running & triathlon racing experience, a rich knowledge base was acquired, making his mission very clear.

Using his academic background, hands-on practice as an Exercise Physiologist at the Cyprus Sports Research Center since 2005, and passionate experience, Kypros implements a successful approach to coaching, and sharing fitness advice. For a period of four years Kypros has served as the National Coach, of the Cyprus Triathlon Federation with substantial experiences to share. His advantage is multi-faceted, integrating many ideas (such as Functional Strength Training, the Science of Triathlon, and Training for life) into one method, helping recreational & National level athletes achieve their goals.

The athletes he coaches, (Testimonials page) feel safe and have peace of mind knowing that his work ethic, force him to deliver up to date advice, through continuing non-stop education.

Armed with Certifications coming from ACSM, as a Health & Fitness Instructor, a Level II Triathlon coaching certification from the ITU, and an ASA – Swimming Certification, the philosophy “Connecting theory with practice” is a proven and successful methodology.

Kypros respects his athlete’s busy lifestyle’s, most of them having hectic schedules, and factors all those in, to present a tailor-made advice that makes sense. As a top priority he safeguards his athlete’s health, and will not sacrifice that for top performance. Kypros has helped out of many, George Andreou the first Cypriot to summit mt. Everest, and to return safely back home and the 2015 & 2018 National Triathlon Champion, Andreas Djiakouris.

As a father of two, a boy and a girl, with a humble understanding about life, it’s beauty, and complexity, he is available to help you directly achieve your personal goals.